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The building next door we wish we had.

The GISSV (German International School of Silicon Valley) is a German Immersion School located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The school has campuses in Mountain View and San Francisco. The GISSV San Francisco is located in the Presidio. It offers bilingual education from kindergarten through grade 8.

When was GISSV San Francisco founded?

The Campus was founded in 2010, ten years after the Mountain View Campus. It started out as an initiative by a group of parents. They wanted a German education for their children in San Francisco.

What is special about GISSV San Francisco?

The school is located in the historic Presidio and students can see the Golden Gate Bridge when the fog is not blowing in. The school buildings are former officers' quarters, equipped with no insulation and plenty of rotting timber. Even raccoons moved in. Class sizes are very small and everyone knows each other. Students feel so much at home that they even wear house shoes. Nevertheless, too often these charges forget and track in mud during the rainy season, at which time teachers are occasionally heard to say, "No Frueling around. Clean up after yourself."