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Why doesn't exist a Wikipedia for children yet? This question was asked by Ziko and Michael in 2014. They got no answer and founded The first article was about the Tooth (Zahn) on November 24, 2014.

It is due to the many voluntary authors in the Klexikon that there are more than 2,500 articles on the most important topics for children about five years later. Many millions of children have already used the Klexikon. That's why the German television broadcaster ZDF has called the Klexikon "Wikipedias little sister". Even the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and several organizations recommend the Klexikon as Wikipedia for children.

Now even more children should be able to use the Klexikon. For this purpose, many of the Klexikon articles will be translated into English. The project started at the East Bay German International School (EBGIS) near San Francisco in the United States. Since autumn 2019, the first Klexikon articles in English are being produced in a pilot project at this school.

Coincidence or not: In San Francisco is also the home of the "big Wikipedia". Because in this city, the Wikipedia Foundation has its offices. For example, this foundation takes care of the technology of the Wikipedia websites. So it fits in well that the Klexikon idea wanders to San Francisco. And from there to the whole world.

In 2020, the German School of London, the German International School of Boston, the German International School of Silicon Valley and the German Pacific School San Diego are contributing to the project. Other schools are invited to join as well.

But why there's no "Wikipedia for children" in English yet? A question to which we answer: Whatever - we just start with it!