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The University of Cardiff

Cardiff is a major city in the United Kingdom. It is the capital of Wales and its largest city. It has about 340,000 inhabitants. In the whole area there are almost half a million. In Welsh, which is spoken in Wales, the city is called Caerdydd, pronounced "Ki-ar-diff"

Cardiff is also the main city for Wales' economy and traffic. It has a large airport. The only motorway in Wales runs from Bristol in England via Cardiff to Swansea. The River Taff flows through Cardiff and has its source in the hills of the backland. At the port of Cardiff it flows into the Bristol Channel, a strait that belongs to the Atlantic.

The city of Cardiff was founded in 1081 by the English King William the Conqueror. There are some very old buildings in the City Centre. One of them is Cardiff Castle, a castle whose foundation walls date back to Roman times. In addition, Cardiff is home to the National Art Museum of Wales. There you can find pictures of impressionism and other art movements. In the middle of the city there are two large green areas: The Pontcanna Fields and the Blackweir Fields.