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The Royal Liver Buildings in the city centre used to belong to an insurance company. It was one of the first skyscrapers in the UK.

Liverpool is a city in England, a part of the United Kingdom. With around 500,000 inhabitants, Liverpool is one of the five largest cities in this part of the country. The city lies on the Mersey River, which flows into the sea a little further north. Liverpool is world-famous as the birthplace of the Beatles and the home of the football clubs Everton and Liverpool.

The origin of the name Liverpool has not yet been clarified. It may come from Welsh, a Celtic language spoken in Wales. The name can also have something to do with the old English word "Lifer" for mud.

The residents of the city call themselves Liverpudlians. Englishmen outside of Liverpool, however, usually call the residents "Scousers". "Scouse" is the name of the Liverpool dialect, which is difficult to understand even for many English people. The name of the dialect comes from a meat dish that is called like that.

A statue of John Lennon in front of the Cavern Club

During the time of the British Empire, the port of Liverpool was the largest in the world. Almost half of all goods shipped worldwide were transported through this port. But there was also a lot of industry and important shipping companies in the city. As a result, Liverpool grew and became very rich. Around 1900 it was the largest city in the United Kingdom after London. Immigrants from all over the world came to Liverpool through the port, especially the Irish.

In the years after 1960, Liverpool's economy deteriorated. The port and many factories had to close. Liverpool has been back on the upswing for a few years now. Many people now work in service companies such as banks or insurance companies. Since Liverpool was named European Capital of Culture in 2008, more and more money has been invested in tourism.

Liverpool has a lot to offer: At the “Royal Albert Docks” at the old harbor, where merchandise used to be stored, there are now many restaurants, galleries and museums. There are many music clubs on Matthew Street in downtown. Among other things, the "Cavern Club", in which the Beatles once played at the beginning of their careers. Liverpool Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful in England. There are also large parks all over the city.