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North America

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Map of the North American Continent.
The highest mountain on the continent of North America: The Denali in Alaska.

North America is the northern part of the Americas. The border of North America and South America is between Panama and Columbia. Columbia is a country in South America. In North America, you can find almost every landscape, from the deserts in Mexico and the United States of America to the Arctic in Canada.

There are 23 countries on the continent of North America. Most of them are small ones like Panama or the islands in the Caribbean. 450 million people live in North America. Only Africa, Europe and Asia are more populated.

A lot of people think of North America as the USA and sometimes maybe Canada. That is because English is spoken in the USA and Canada. In Mexico and almost everywhere else the people speak Spanish.

In the last ice age, the first human settlers walked across Alaska to North America. They were the ancestors of today’s Native Americans. One of the ancient civilizations in North America were the Mayas who lived in Mexico. The first Europeans in North America were the Vikings.