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Rio Grande

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The Rio Grande mostly flows trough desert areas.

The Rio Grande is a River in North America. The Name is Spanish and means „large river“. In Mexico it’s called Rio Bravo del Norte, the „large river of the north“. It is 1885 miles long and up to 26 feet deep.

The Rio Grande arises from its source in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. After that it flows southward trough the state of New Mexico, passing its largest city Albuquerque.

From the Texan city of El Paso the river forms the border between the United States and Mexico for around 1250 miles. Close to Port Isabel in Texas it flows in to the Atlantic Ocean.

Many Migrants from Latin America try to reach the USA over the Rio Grande, using small boats. They flee from crime and poverty. Many are discovered by the border police. Some drown in the river. Also many drugs are smuggled over the river.