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Memphis is known as the Birthplace of Blues

Tennessee is a US state, located in the southeast of the country. Its name originates from Tanasi, a Native American settlement in the area. This settlement also gave its name to the Tennessee River, which, besides Tennessee, also flows through Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama. Tennessee has a population of about seven million. The seat of government is in Nashville.

Tennesse is known for its music history. Memphis is considered the birthplace of blues, while Nashville is a center of country music. The State is also famous for its well known Whiskey brands.

The city of Knoxville was the site of a World's Fair in 1982. At that time, a huge lookout was built with a golden glass ball on top. Till today, the Sunsphere is Knoxvilles's most famous landmark.

Tennessee is a landlocked state, so it doesn't border the sea. The landscape is varied. To the east are the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Appalachian mountain range. The highest mountains there reach more than 2000 meters. In a part of this area, nature is protected by a national park. Central Tennessee tends to have rolling hills and valleys. The west is a big, wide plain with large farming communities.